The Book Of Witness, Volume #3

The Book Of Witness, Volume #3

A Book By Erick Mertz

Every last one of these accounts is true…

…at least, they feel true to the person that lived them.

A wrestler who has grappled every “bad guy” in Canyon County…

…suddenly finds himself in the ring with something more than human.

A humble delivery person for the US Postal Service…

…loses her mind after a seemingly ordinary day out on her mail route.

Someone saves a wounded Vietnam veteran’s life…

Or, was it something that spared him?

A vile cheater, caught in the act…

…undone by his own web of lies.

Welcome to Canyon County, Oregon where nothing is as it appears.

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About The Author

Erick Mertz is a supernatural mystery author based in Portland, Oregon.

His debut work of fiction, “The Lies & Truth Of Doctor Desmond Brice” is the first in his Strange Air series of books. They are set in rural Oregon, in the fictional location of Canyon County, a place where the shadows around dusk seem to cast a little longer than anywhere else.

Previous to this book’s release, his short fiction has been published in Goldman Review, The Los Angeles Review and The Bethany Reader. In 2014, he self-produced The Measurable Blood audiobook, based on a short story of the same name, published in Mad Scientist Journal. His poetry can be found in Turtle Island Quarterly, Stone Boat, Dos Passos Review, Cirque Magazine, and most recently, Baldhip Magazine.

In a previous life while an English student at The University of Oregon, he worked as a late night DJ at 88.1 KWVA. This position has been an on-going inspiration for his work. Currently, he writes about new music at New Noise, Pennyblack Music and Bearded UK. He has written articles on Oregon history for 1859 Magazine, Coastal Living and Southern Oregon Magazine.

A baseball fanatic, beer and food enthusiast, and unapologetic music obsessive, Erick not only considers the Pacific Northwest his home, but also his perpetual muse. When he is not writing, he also works with community-based people with Developmental Disabilities, a field where he has worked since high school.

Currently, Erick lives in Portland with his wife and son.

emertzThe Book Of Witness, Volume #3

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