The Strange Air Series

By Erick Mertz

They don’t call the prairie “open” for nothing. Turn around in a dizzying circle. Even on a storm filled day you can see the horizon in every direction.

But a lot lies in wait out in that tall grass. There is something hiding behind the broken down walls of that old barn. There are ghosts long forgotten.

There are tall tales and secrets that someone is begging to tell.

Canyon County, Oregon may appear to a stranger passing through like an ordinary confluence of country highways. Looks can be deceiving though. Stick around long enough and you will surely find it is a haunted place, somewhere the dusk shadows cast just a little longer than anywhere else.

For as long as anyone can recall, strange things have lurked in the hills around Canyon County. The bottoms of Tallow Creek are teeming with something that defies description.

The Strange Air series of paranormal mysteries captures just a few of these stories. In a small way, these books attempt to make sense of those unexplainable specters that, from time to time, crop up along the prairie.

Dive in today. You won’t be the same once you’re finished…

The Book Of Witness, Omnibus Edition

A Book By Erick Mertz

The Book Of Witness, Omnibus Edition gathers thirteen peculiar tales of paranormal mystery. In this unique book, you will meet an assortment of Canyon County residents, from a woodlands firefighter and an unrepentant conman, to a Vietnam veteran and a rail riding hobo. Though all of these people come from different times and walks of life, they have one thing in common.

Their lives have been touched by encounters with the paranormal.

The Book Of Witness, Volume #1

A Book By Erick Mertz

What strange thing lurks on the Canyon County prairie?

Residents of this dust swept swath of land have been trying to answer that question for centuries. The Book Of Witness collects four unique testimonies from unexplained encounters with the paranormal.

The Book of Witness, Volume #2

A Book By Erick Mertz

You know what they say, once a con, always a con.

Dominic Twitchell knew only one way through life and that was to run a game. Read his story, along with three others, in this the second installment of The Book of Witness series, a supernatural mystery available on Amazon.

The Book Of Witness, Volume #3

A Book By Erick Mertz

Every last one of these accounts is true…

…at least, they feel true to the person that lived them.

A wrestler who has grappled every “bad guy” in Canyon County…

…suddenly finds himself in the ring with something more than human.

A humble delivery person for the US Postal Service…

…loses her mind after a seemingly ordinary day out on her mail route.

Someone saves a wounded Vietnam veteran’s life…

Or, was it something that spared him?

A vile cheater, caught in the act…

…undone by his own web of lies.

Welcome to Canyon County, Oregon where nothing is as it appears.

The Ballad of the Black Bronco

A Book By Erick Mertz

Everything comes down to the idea of good versus evil in professional wrestling. Bryce Randall understood that reality very well.

In this Strange Air novella, Randall gives his account of a pivotal night in his wrestling career when he learned the real difference between good and bad wasn’t the color the guy wore on the outside.

The Meeting At Bishop’s Rest

A Book By Erick Mertz

Jack Sibley came to Bishop’s Rest with the goal of getting even.

When he and the rest of his blizzard bound hunting party are confronted with the ghostly specter of “The Lone Rider” all of their lives irrevocably change course.

You know the thing about secrets? Everybody has one.

For as long as Desmond could recall, his secret centered on a special gift. He heard voices that no one else could hear.

As is so often the case with special gifts, they soon become curses. As the young boy grows into a man, he learns along the way that those voices have within them a unique power.

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