The Strange Air Series

By Erick Mertz

They don’t call the prairie “open” for nothing. Turn around in a dizzying circle. Even on a storm filled day you can see the horizon in every direction.

But a lot lies in wait out in that tall grass. There is something hiding behind the broken down walls of that old barn. There are ghosts long forgotten.

There are tall tales and secrets that someone is begging to tell.

Canyon County, Oregon may appear to a stranger passing through like an ordinary confluence of country highways. Looks can be deceiving though. Stick around long enough and you will surely find it is a haunted place, somewhere the dusk shadows cast just a little longer than anywhere else.

For as long as anyone can recall, strange things have lurked in the hills around Canyon County. The bottoms of Tallow Creek are teeming with something that defies description.

The Strange Air series of paranormal mysteries captures just a few of these stories. In a small way, these books attempt to make sense of those unexplainable specters that, from time to time, crop up along the prairie.

Dive in today. You won’t be the same once you’re finished…

Chasing Shadows, The Strange Air Book #2

A Strange Air Novel By Erick Mertz

Eleven years ago, a body was found days after a woman calling herself Charlene Browner checked into a motel. No possessions. No cause of death. No next of kin. It is almost as though she’d never existed.

Permanent Shadows, The Strange Air Book #1

A Strange Air Novel By Erick Mertz

Canyon County has a frightening secret. On the prairie, not everything is what it seems. August Melville, Whistler’s Grove’s new sheriff, is about to discover how difficult upholding the law in your home town can be.

The Book Of Witness, Omnibus Edition

A Collection of Strange Air Stories By Erick Mertz

Every single one of these stories is true. At least they feel true to the person telling them. Explore Canyon County’s haunted past through thirteen tense tales of eldritch horror.


A Strange Air Novella By Erick Mertz

When his newest client turns up deceased, Canyon County attorney DT Webb plunges deep in the dead man’s past and his involvement with eldritch forces.

Moonlight Shade

A Strange Air Novella By Erick Mertz

Rhett Tilley had been to war, he knew how to survive. But it wasn’t until he met a younger soldier named Nathaniel Bainbridge that he finally had something to live for.

The Book Of Witness, Volume #1

A Collection of Stories By Erick Mertz

Strange things lurk on the Canyon County prairie. From a brave woodland firefighter to an innocent farm girl, everyone has a story to tell about the shadows.

The Book of Witness, Volume #2

A Collection of Stories By Erick Mertz

From con men to churchgoers, no one is safe from the Canyon County shadows.

The Book Of Witness, Volume #3

A Collection of Stories By Erick Mertz

What happens when the postal carrier snoops deeper than the mail? The way Fannie Blair tells it, there is something strange up at the old Ballister place.

The Ballad of the Black Bronco

A Strange Air Short Story By Erick Mertz

Bryce Randall knew wrestling came down to a clash between good guys and bad. When he squared off against a shade named White Sky, however, he discovered the face of real evil.

The Meeting At Bishop’s Rest

A Strange Air Novella By Erick Mertz

Revenge was a dish best served cold. Jack knew that. On a hunting trip to Bishop’s Rest, he encounters a specter that shatters his resolve and forever reverses his fortunes.

The Lies & Truth Of Doctor Desmond Brice

A Strange Air Novella By Erick Mertz

You know the thing about secrets? Everybody has one. Desmond had a secret, he could hear strange voices, but how long he could keep that was a matter of life and death.

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