By Erick Mertz

The Strange Air Saga

A Book Series By Erick Mertz

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Way out in Canyon County, Oregon, shadows seem to cast just a little longer.

Maybe it’s the way the sun rises over Tallow Creek. Maybe it’s how shafts of summer dusk light spill out from behind the jagged peaks of the Cascade Mountains.

Or maybe it’s something deeper still, something long ago buried out in the sage grass that is only now simmering to the surface.

What took place around the burned out mill town of Josephine in the early-1980’s is one of countless untold chapters in the story of the American west. It is but a tiny, haunted sliver of a larger saga that began long before any one living there now can remember.

Taking place in a world teeming with glassy eyed drifters, stoic rancher, heavy-pouring bartenders, and a few honest cops, The Strange Air Series of supernatural mysteries explores the unfurling of a long held cosmic secrets that threaten the rusted out husk of the American dream.

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The Mask Of Tomorrow

An audience that adored him is all Frank Lenzi ever wanted.

When he finally finds what he is looking hosting “Up All Night” Canyon County’s first night owl radio show featuring blues and talk he discovers that fame and fortune come at a steep cost. His sanity.

After a mysterious caller infects him with a mimetic virus that consumes his every waking thought, Frank seeks answers from Two Folds, his best friend and a member of the local Native American tribe. When the cure for Frank’s so-called “spirit sickness” proves worse than the disease itself, the addled DJ disappears into the shadowy hills seeking answers to impossible questions.

What happens when a ‘signal walker’ from lore is set loose on Canyon County? Two Folds and his friend are left to ponder.

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This novella is the prequel to Book #1 in The Strange Air Series of supernatural mystery books, The Mask Of Tomorrow which is due out in early 2019. Get to know the titular character Desmond Brice as he comes of age in the harsh climes of Canyon County, Oregon.

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The Mask Of Tomorrow

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