The Strange Air Series

By Erick Mertz

Canyon County, Oregon may appear to someone passing through like any confluence of country roads. Looks can be deceiving though. This is a haunted place where the dusk shadows cast a little longer than anywhere else.

For as long as anyone out in Canyon County can recall, strange things have lurked in the hills and down along the bottoms of Tallow Creek. The Strange Air Series of supernatural mysteries captures a few of those stories, attempting to make sense of those unexplainable specters that, from time to time, crop up along the prairie.

For as long as Desmond Brice could recall, he possessed a special gift. He heard things in the fire, murmuring voices that no one else could hear. But as is so often the case with special gifts such as this one, they soon become curses…

What strange thing lurks in the woods and prairies of Canyon County? For centuries, residents of this dust swept swath of land have been trying to answer that question.The Book Of Witness collects four unique testimonies from encounters with the paranormal in Canyon County…