Music For Writers – “Moments In Golden Light”

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When it comes to writing music, give me simple. Just don’t make me wait for the moment of death to get it.

The last moments of our lives, I believe, will be our simplest. They will be silent and pure, riddled with none of the strum und drang, noisy ambitions of limiting anxiety that defined our experience. They will be sublime.

Moments In Golden Light is a five-track album from an ambient outfit known only as Poemme. They are part of an Oakland-based collective called Constellation Tatsu, offering an extensive Bandcamp collection.

The songs on Moments In Golden Light are miniature exercises in sublimity. They feel like spring time sonic landscapes painted in lavish watercolor, capturing forest corridors and drowsy sunsets that go on forever. The photograph on the cover speaks volumes.

Opening with a track called “At The Gates Of Dawn” it is constantly revealing and I am left with a sensation of constant waking. As writing music, this record was a welcome path to transformation. It feels like the scene in a movie where the main character dies but watches his or her life pass before their eyes. I could put the album on and sink deep into the foliage of my worlds, allowing the words simply flow.

My only quibble with this record? It is too short. The five tracks clock in at roughly thirty-seven minutes in length. But it ends with a flourish though. The last track “A Small Procession” is eleven minutes of twittering climax.

What if I said this bright nugget of writing inspiration was available free? You would probably go grab it.

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emertzMusic For Writers – “Moments In Golden Light”

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