Music For Writers – “Black Box Memories”

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Element of surprise are common in the discovery of any new music, especially sounds useful for immersive creative sessions. Like any stumbled upon writing inspiration, those rare “aha” moments are best described as pure bliss.

I discovered, Missing Heart Pieces by Black Box Memories by surprise at the same time as the album I covered last week in this column. Both records are available on Bandcamp through Sumatran Black Records out of Istanbull. While Elegy For A Lost Cosmonaut was a cosmic take on lonesomeness, this record depicts more earthbound woe. There are 14 tracks in total and each one is far more sentimental and emotionally focused than the other album.

Oddly, many of these tracks feature vocal samples. Anyone who has read my Music For Writers series for any amount of time knows I’m not fond of voices in my writing music. But these are — different. They are set deep in the background of the mix and most are haunted people muttering about sadness and loss. Don’t take me for a melancholy tourist here. But the woe streaked moments on Missing Heart Pieces are visceral, to the core. It feels like you walked into someone else’s memory tape and were forced to watch an hour’s worth of grainy home movies.

Just hearing a woman describe the numb feeling in her heart (“Details”) or lost childhoods on (“Chances and Opportunities”) serves as extraordinary writing inspiration. A few times while listening to this album, I sat back in my desk chair and just — listened. I felt the music, voices adding much to the experience The instrumental beauty on Missing Heart Pieces is best on “First Experiences” and “Interlude” with their ice-cold keys, shuddering strings and wobbly, unreliable production.

Summatran Black Records has another ambient winner on its hands with Black Box Memories. This is an album so gorgeous and harrowing, it makes for great creative primer, mid-writing burst fuel or reflection. Honestly, I could write this review five times and find five new ways to gush over it.

What if I told you the bit of writing inspiration was free? You’d probably go grab it.

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writing inspiration, erick mertz author, paranormal mystery

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emertzMusic For Writers – “Black Box Memories”

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