Guest Appearance On An Author Podcast

Back in September, I had an opportunity I have wanted to do for a long time. I was the featured guest on an author podcast.

That podcast is Authors Of The Pacific Northwest. If you’re unfamiliar, the program, Vikki Carter hosts and she covers authors and writers of all types living and working in this great, green neck of the woods.

If you know me (or read some of the content on this blog) you know that I love podcasts. I listen to podcasts on almost every topic of interest, from my beloved Portland Trailblazers to true crime to cooking and parenting.

Of course, I listen to a host of author podcasts as well. The chance to appear on one feels like a special one.

Appearing as a podcast guest is a lot of fun. Vikki was charming and accommodating. She put my mind at ease. We launched into a normal conversation about everything from books I’m reading to writing, to editing and funny ghostwriting stories.

Going in, I was a little nervous about filling the time. I did that thing where I rehearsed every time I was alone behind the wheel or in front of a mirror. Once we started though, the hour recording time went down in what felt like a snap of a finger and you know something? I’m ready for the next one.

If you want to listen to the author podcast, just click this link.

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emertzGuest Appearance On An Author Podcast

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