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Just look at the cover. Everything about this album feels like winter. Not just cold turn of weather though. It feels like something deeper and colder, a bitterness on an existential level. It is an ideal setting for fantasy writing.

Hymnar Fran Snokula is that epic winter dusk with long shadows and a disorienting wall of thick, white snow packed in for the long walk home.

Welcome to the dark and enticing world of Ornatorpet.

Ornatorpet hails from a town called Boras in south/central Sweden. The nation of origin seems quite natural. The Scandinavian nation is a place associated with these types of frigid environments. For me, this 10-track album is the perfect, mood setting go-to when I am writing either night scenes or dark moments, or I’m exploring winter. The synth tempos are gradual, featuring tones that are rich and often smoldering.

As creators of what is known as “dark ambient” or “dungeon synth” Ornatorpet really makes for great back drop to fantasy writing. The genre that I write in is best described as rural speculative fiction. Still, these songs sets out images of yawning mountain chasms in my mind’s eye.

Other of the albums in their catalog (“Midvintersagor” in particular) are deeply steeped in Medieval feelings and all of it is cold and distant. There are few instances where the music rises to the point where it becomes a distraction from writing.

All of Ornatorpet’s music is available on Bandcamp and while it’s not free, they fall into the 56 Krona range.

That’s five dollars to us in the States.

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