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When it comes to writer music, I like ambience and I prefer that on the gloomy side. Stories like the dark and strange ones I write tend to thrive on shadows. This means that a lot of bright notes and melodies are counter intuitive.

Our internet is a many cornered and cavernous place. We all know that. My search for writer music leads me to odd nooks, curved roads and crannies. Out of a recent Bandcamp exploration, I discovered UK based Gizeh Records and one of their signature bands, A-Sun Amissa, aka Richard Knox.

Once I listened to one A-Sun Amissa album, I was hooked. I ended up binging all of them, never getting enough of the autumnal moods.

In honor of the coming fall, I am going to give a brief overview of each A-Sun Amissa album, through the lens of music for writing.

Writer Music – “The Gatherer”

A-Sun Amissa is a perfect blend of gloom and beauty. The songs are often long and are built carefully around tension and release. These qualities are evident all over The Gatherer’s four tracks and forty-eight minutes.

Starting with “Collossus Survices” the performance is slow, building into slow tempos that culminate into tender melodies. The song are sublime, tending toward dramatic, sweeping the listener under their spell.

For me, writer music means getting lost in a lot of open spaces. On “Anondyne Nights For Somnolent Strangers” the music dissolves into an odd morass of shrieks and tones, as well as a drowsy industrial layer.

The record ends with “The Recapitulation” another track that thrives on a lot of negative space. Much of its nearly 12-minute run time is filled with loose percussion and bleary horns.

If you’re writing horror or thriller, or filling a dark scene in your fiction, A-Sun Amissa is a highly recommended band, with The Gatherer being a great place to start your listening experience.

You can download this album here at the A-Sun Amissa Bandcamp page.

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emertzMusic For Writers – “The Gatherer”

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