Erick Mertz Author – “Koko”

erick mertz author, portland, oregon, supernatural mysteryIn every possible way, Koko mesmerizes all five senses. If Erick Mertz Author had an unofficial soundtrack for this dreary final winter chapter it may be this album.

What I like about Koko is how many distinct places the sixteen tracks (which are relatively short for ambient) travel in a short amount of time. Some evoke images of nature. Others feel cold and technological. The sound travels from space station to rain forest in the flutter of a heartbeat.

I can get lost in this album. The tracks bleed in and out like rain streaking down a water color painting. Over the year that I’ve had Jobanshi as regular background music for writing, I’ve never had the same experience twice. Jobanshi has crafted something like a recurring dream. Each listen may be relatively similar to the last, but it reveals something different at the same time.

Bedlam Tapes is among the best sources of music for writing on the internet. No surprise this album is featured on Bandcamp in their massive trove of music. The album is labeled electronic and experimental, which makes sense, but there are also some nonsense terms like “ghost tech” and “field recordings”.

Whatever the genre, Koko builds into a trance like state, the perfect waking dream for your writing time. You can download the album by Jobanshi here on Bandcamp.

Want to know maybe the best part? It’s free.

Are you a supernatural fiction author with a favorite album to listen to while writing? Have you had an opportunity to listen to Koko by Jobanshi?

erick mertz author, portland orego, supernatural mysteryLeave a comment below or suggest a writing album & I’ll cover it in my next “Music For Writers” column.

Meanwhile, check out my book page for the latest Oregon supernatural mystery Erick Mertz Author is working on.

emertzErick Mertz Author – “Koko”

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