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dark ambient, erick mertz, music for writersThis Black To Comm album is as dark as the darkest night.

Allow the collection of sour psychedelic and electroacoustic sounds on Black To Comm’s newest record, Seven Horses For Seven Kings to have their way with your imagination, however, and they spin into an oddly beautiful tapestry as well.

Black to Comm is a mysterious (and prolific) electronic performer out of Hamburg, Germany. Over the last decade Marc Richter — the man behind the mask — has produced a string of recordings that make bleak atmospheres and cinematic sonic experimentation his signature.

What Works?

Seven Horses For Seven Kings is layered with an array of distorted and harrowing electroacoustic sounds. The experimental aspects are rich and full of complexity. They stand out front and are deeply satisfying.

The thirteen tracks on this record wash together into a labyrinthine mix. There are only a few sonic swells and punch through on the record that may prove distracting to the creative process.

This album is best listened to at lower volumes. The resulting background gloom fills up a writing session with bits of cosmic ponder as well as terror.

What Does Not Work?

This album can be pretty sour. It opens with a series of grim horns and from there it delves into even weirder places.

Also, Seven Horses For Seven Kings is not a record that thrives on a flow. That can be a tricky quality because I usually like to put something on and let it go for 40-60 minutes while I get into the muse.

What Does It All Mean?

I would recommend this Black To Comm album to anyone who writes a dark brand of fiction. I think this would be especially appealing for those working in the horror or supernatural thriller genres.

There are a host of scary emotions throughout and the visuals are difficult to set aside. The run time clocks in at just over an hour, making Black To Comm’s Seven Horses For Seven Kings ideal for exploring a haunting sequence or breaking out a kill scene.

You can get the digital version of Seven Horses For Seven Kings here from Thrill Jockey. Also, check out Black To Comm’s Bandcamp page here for their extensive back catalog.

Are you an author with a favorite writing album? Have you given this Black To Comm album a listen?

Leave me a comment below, or better yet, suggest an album for writing and I’ll cover it in my another installment of my “Music For Writers” column.

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emertzMusic For Authors – Black To Comm

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