Episode #3: “The Lies & Truth Of Doctor Desmond Brice”

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erick mertz, book release, episode #3, the lies and truth of doctor desmond briceMy first order of business is to wish everyone out there a Happy Halloween. The song tells us that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. For me though, nothing feels quite as good as the crisp late-October air out here in western Oregon.

Doctor Desmond Brice is back. “Episode #3: A Deception” will release later on today to all of my loyal and patient email subscribers.

Thank you to all of those who have already signed up. As a long time devotee of spooky stories, I am grateful that, in a small way, my little story will find a way into their “spooktacular” evening.

Be safe tonight. Be silly. Let the ghosts in.

How Do I Get The Novella?:

Did I mention that this eBook is free?

Getting your eBook copy of The Lies & Truth of Doctor Desmond Brice could hardly be easier. Just fill out the form below to subscribe to my email list.

Once you subscribe, I’ll send you “Episode #1: The First Lie”. Every one of my subscribers will receive this plus each of the following episodes in this serially published novella.

When this novella is complete, it will stand as the prequel book to The Mask Of Tomorrow (tentatively scheduled for release January 2019… more on that) the first full-length novel in my series.

What Happens In Episode #3:

We know Desmond Brice has a very special gift. He can hear things no one else can.

In “Episode #3: A Deception” we find our main character far away from Canyon County, Oregon at school in Upper Michigan University. Desmond is a studious young man and he wants nothing more than to keep focused on his studies.

But a young student has her sights set on him. Sarah Schofield Taylor is every bit Desmond’s intellectual equal and by the end of “Episode #3” she will begin to threaten his most tightly held secret.

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emertzEpisode #3: “The Lies & Truth Of Doctor Desmond Brice”

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