Music For Writers: Carl Sagan’s Ghost

supernatural, erick mertz, portland, oregonFinding the right music to inspire your supernatural writing depends on many factors. Among my first criteria: no lyrics. At least nothing in English. The mix can’t be too busy either. So that puts EDM on the outs.

The right music evokes images and feelings of the strange spaces where my pen wants to travel. Into another land. Off to another space. Perhaps even another life.

Few ambient/electronic albums I have encountered travel so far and wide as At The End Of It All by Seattle artist, David J Davis, aka Carl Sagan’s Ghost. Obvious from its name, the project lends itself well to writing science-fiction. The spacious sounds is awash with cosmic dreaminess. Davis fills the abundant negative spaces with full, warm tones and he layers in light synthesizers that twinkle down like stardust. Davis is as amazing in the role of producer as he is an architect of experimental, electro-acoustic bliss. There are stirring moments throughout At The End Of It All that bring about a genuine catharsis.

Back when I was working on my science-fiction short/feature screenplay, “The New Herald” my writing sessions were often inspired by the title track. There are two versions of “Solitude” and the triptych masterwork, “The Patience Of A Saint” to get lost in. Although Davis has offered numerous brilliant albums under this moniker, At The End Of It All is your best launching point.

For a free download of Carl Sagan’s Ghost “At The End Of It All”  here from Archive. If you happen to be a YouTube streamer, check out the full stream here.


Are you a supernatural fiction author with a favorite ambient album to listen to while writing? Have you given this album by Carl Sagan’s Ghost a listen?

supernatural, erick mertz, portland, oregon

What do you think?

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emertzMusic For Writers: Carl Sagan’s Ghost

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