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Erick Mertz is a paranormal mystery author based in Portland, Oregon. Published by Longbranch Productions, his short story collection The Book Of Witness, Omnibus Edition is the first in “The Strange Air” series of Oregon based, paranormal mysteries.

Previously, Erick’s short fiction has been published in Goldman Review, The Los Angeles Review of Los Angeles and The Bethany Reader among other publications. In 2014, he self-produced The Measurable Blood audiobook, based on a short story of the same name, published in Mad Scientist Journal.

His poetry can be found in Turtle Island Quarterly, Stone Boat, Dos Passos Review, Cirque Magazine, and most recently, Baldhip Magazine.

In a previous life while studying literature at The University of Oregon, he worked as a late night DJ at 88.1 KWVA. Currently, he writes about music for Pennyblack Music and Bearded UK. He has written articles on Oregon history for 1859 Magazine, Coastal Living and Southern Oregon Magazine.

A baseball fanatic, beer and food enthusiast, and unapologetic music obsessive, Erick not only considers the Pacific Northwest his home, but also his perpetual muse. When he is not writing, he also works with community-based people with Developmental Disabilities, a field where he has been active since high school.

Erick Mertz currently lives in Portland with his wife and son.

He offers his books free to prisoners and incarcerated persons. If you know an incarcerated person, please email erickmertz(at)gmail(dot)com for details.


The Book Of Witness, Omnibus Edition by Erick Mertz

erick mertz, paranormal mystery author, the strange airMost of these stories contained in this book are true. Some are not. They are exaggerations of fevered dreams and illusions.

Deciding which is the truth and which is fiction is up to you.

Canyon County, Oregon is a place unlike any other. As long as people have lived amongst the creek beds, hills and hollers they have encountered strange phenomenon. They have been subjected to unexplainable occurrences and visions that are not easily reconciled.

Some see things. Others feel as though they are not alone. Still others hear strange dusk sounds coming from beyond the tree line.

What is it? Nobody knows. According to legend, however, it is an evil as old as the mountains themselves.

The Book Of Witness collects thirteen peculiar paranormal mystery tales. In these pages, you will meet an assortment of Canyon County residents, from a woodlands firefighter to an unrepentant conman, from a Vietnam veteran to a rail riding hobo.

Although each of these people comes from different times and walks of life, they have one thing in common. Their lives have been altered by an encounter with the paranormal.


The Book Of Witness is the first volume in The Strange Air series of paranormal mysteries. It is the ideal place to start your journey into the unexplainable wilds of Canyon County.

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