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Erick Mertz is a writer and poet, born and raised in Portland, Oregon, a city that he is still fortunate enough to call home and perpetual muse. He attended the University of Oregon in Eugene where he graduated with degrees in English and Comparative Literature in 1998.

After serving out his undergrad time, he lived in various towns up and down the west coast, an uncertain period of time during which he published an assortment of poetry and short fiction juvenilia in the small press literary circuit. During those haze-laden years, he worked as a high-tech marketer, late night disc jockey for campus radio 88.1 KWVA and a cauliflower harvester. After settling into a career as musically obsessed social worker for adults with developmental disabilities, he began writing fiction, poetry and screenplays quite seriously. You can read stories about those curiously disjointed days here at the A Well-Lighted Etcetera blog.

Below you can find a list of recent projects, publications and books in print.

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The Strange Air – A novel by Erick Mertz

Soft intro here. Maybe a short teaser or excerpt.

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